Tangerine – GTGC – #160

“Anti-Trash” rolls to a stop with Tangerine. We wrap up our “too good for us” marathon with a look at the indie wunderkind Tangerine; about a sex worker who is on a quest to find her no-good pimp/boyfriend. It is one of the most acclaimed films of 2015. PRODUCER’S NOTE: We  apologize for some of the technical issues that […]


Room – Back to the Movies #15

Back to the Movies continues riding the Oscar hype train in this week’s in depth discussion of Room directed by  and starring Brie Larson. We have an awful lot to say about our experience with the movie, but we want to remain tight lipped about the premise for listeners who might not be initiated with the […]

High Tension

Representation and Sexuality in High Tension

High Tension is an Alexandre Aja-directed French slasher-horror-thriller. It centers on Marie, a young woman who is spending the weekend with her best friend Alex and Alex’s family at their remote (read: even the farm mice can’t hear you get brutally murdered) country home. But all hell breaks loose when a maniac breaks in, slaughters […]


Anomalisa – Back To The Movies (Bonus Episode)

Back to the Movies has returned with an extra special bonus episode to discuss Charlie Kaufman’s recent venture into stop motion animation, Anomalisa. The film stars a famed, lonely, and middle aged self help author, Michael Stone(David Thewlis) as he wanders around the city of Cincinnati looking for a taste of something or something new […]


Uncanny, or why you should watch Ex-Machina

Welcome back to Crossing the Streams. Each week I will be crossing the streaming platforms to find the movies you should check out or stay away from. This week I’m back with a 2015 pick from Netflix which goes by the name Uncanny.  The topic of artificial intelligence and technology has always been of interest, but […]

Dalton’s Top Ten Films of 2015

We’re a few weeks into 2016 so I decided to bite the bullet and make my top ten list for 2015. The benefit of doing this sort of thing officially uncredentialed is no one is making me do it before the end of 2015. The downside is I don’t get screeners sent to me and […]

What is Auteurism and How did it Get Here? Part 2

Why Vulgar Auteurism is Bad Practice for GoodTrash Analysis Now that we’ve talked a little bit about the origin story of Auteurism, it’s time we look at how it relates to GoodTrash and filmmaking in the 21st century. French Auteurism has taken a similar turn as its American counterpart in recent years in its application to […]