Spotlight’s Cardinal Virtue Is Journalistic Humility

It’s been something like seven years since I watched All the President’s Men in my high school journalism class. A key scene from the film has always stuck with me. Woodward and Bernstein, knee deep in their Watergate investigation, are shuffling through papers in the Library of Congress. A high angle camera pulls away from […]

Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West – GTGC – #165

Ladies and Gentlemen, our time with the Fresh Prince must come to an end after we take a look at Wild Wild West. That’s right, this week we close out our marathon with a look back at the 1999 flop starring Will Smith, Kevin Kline, and Kenneth Branagh. And this week, we’re joined by GoodTrash […]

Cartel Land: A Love Letter to Dangerous Documentation

This Sunday is Hollywood’s big night and if you ask anyone in the know, Amy, the feature length doc about the struggles of gone-too-soon music powerhouse Amy Winehouse, is a lock to win Best Documentary. In fact, GoodTrash Media’s own Arthur Gordon gave high praise to the documentary in his column Crossing the Streams. By all accounts the […]

Silence of the Lambs – GTGC – #63

Another #FlashbackFriday for you, dear listener–again Academy Award themed. We’re looking at this multiple Academy Award winner, not just in honor of the Oscars this coming Sunday, but also for our first annual Academy Awards Livestream Party.  This week from the GoodTrash vault, we bring you the 1992 Best Picture Winner, Silence of the Lambs, guest hosted […]


Male Entitlement Through The Eyes of Carol

Every time a man entered the frame in Carol, something inside me died a little. Among the countless number of men passing through during the film, there was exactly one man of consequence I didn’t hate at any point in those two hours and even he had to earn my indifference. It wasn’t personal. Sure, there […]

The Witch – Back to the Movies #19

Prepare to be bewitched on this week’s Back to the Movies featuring special guest host, The Frightful Femme herself, Kirsten Therkelson in our review discussion of The Witch.  The film has been lauded by a number of critics ever since its Sundance 2015 debut and the internet just can’t stop talking about it. It brings a […]

Kirsten Therkelson – People’s History of Film #3

Hello internet people! Welcome back to another thrilling installment of The People’s History of Film. This one is an extra special episode because I sat down with GoodTrash Media’s own Frightful Femme, Kirsten Therkelson. On top of writing my favorite column on our website (sorry Dustin and Arthur) and performing stand up comedy in Oklahoma City, Kirsten is also […]

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse, Jazz Singer

Hello world! I, Arthur Gordon, am back once again to “Cross the Streams” with you, and this week, I wrap up my month long review of 2016 Oscar Contenders with a look at the lauded documentary, Amy – a look at the career of Amy Winehouse – which is available to stream over on Amazon Prime.But, before getting […]


Focus – GTGC – #164

The taxi to Bel Air keeps rolling along, and this time we visit the Prince in the latter part of his career with a look at the con-man romance, Focus. The movie is nothing like the synopsis on IMDb or HBO Go would have you believe. In fact, it’s really a film made of two […]

The GoodTrash Manifesto

Manifestoes spring up in lots of places once you start exploring film history. The Surrealists, the Situationists, the Dogma 95 group all have the statements of principles. In fact, there is a key moment in one of the most important films in film studies, Citizen Kane in which Orson Welles gives a statement of principles […]