Gods of Egypt – Back to the Movies #24

Earlier this week we watched the false gods of Metropolis and Gotham duke it out and clearly we just couldn’t get enough mythological heroes fighting to the death so we took Back to the Movies to the east review the most recent Alex Proyas flick, God’s of Egypt. Gods of Egypt hit theaters in the February burial […]

Pulse: How I Learned to Stop and Love the Internet

If Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s 2001 critically acclaimed cult classic Pulse (known in Japan as Kairo) is on your watchlist, maybe cue up something a bit more lighthearted as a palate cleanse for the post-show unwinding. Consider making some plans with friends. Or, shit, when was the last time you called your mom? Pulse’s horror lies not […]

Alexandra West

Alexandra West – People’s History of Film #6

Welcome to part one of an exciting two-episode arc in which Dalton sits down with Alexandra West and Andrea Subissati. Alexandra and Andrea host the Toronto-based horror analysis podcast, The Faculty of Horror. Let’s clarify, he sat down with them via Skype. We aren’t made of money here. On this episode, Dalton chats with Alexandra West. […]

World's Finest

Halting The DCCU For The World’s Finest

Batman vs Superman may have been the hottest thing at the theater last weekend, but it was hardly a universally loved affair with fans and critics from across the globe fervently arguing the film’s merits. If you check our Back to the Movies review discussion, you’ll see that we’re not exactly the film’s biggest fans here at […]

The Wind Rises

The Wind Rises – GTGC – #169

Sadly, Dear Listener, our Brig-a-thon must come to a close. The Anime Express rolls into the station as we go full circle and take a look at The Wind Rises. The Wind Rises marks the end of an era as it is Hayao Miyazaki’s final film at Studio Ghibli. A studio that launched thanks to […]

Batman Vs Superman – Back to the Movies #23

Look out listeners because it’s verses week here on Back to the Movies. In our discussion of the highly anticipated Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, host will be turned against host, fans turned against their heroes, and worst of all Ben Affleck’s chin will be forced take on Henry Cavill’s pecks in the most egregious […]

Daredevil (2003 Director’s Cut) – GTGC – #119

Its a bird, its a plane, NO its #FlashbackFriday! That’s right, listener, this week from the GoodTrash Vault, we are looking at the 2003 director’s cut of Daredevil.  In the week of Ben Affleck’s debut of his newest superhero persona Batman, we decide to go back to Affleck’s personal superhero origin story as an actor. This episode was […]

Is Superman Boring? A Dialogue

On the eve of his climatic duel with Superman, Batman and his trusty butler, Alfred Pennyworth, make preparations and dissect the character of the Man of Steel. Batman: Grappling gun? Alfred: Check. Batman: Explosive gel? Alfred: Check. Batman: Kryptonite? Alfred: Check. And that should be everything. Batman: Are we sure that’s everything? Alfred: I do […]

Audition: How to Make a Feminist Rom-Com

This week, we here at the Frightful Femme decided to take a well-deserved break from horror and delve into a quietly delightful little Japanese rom-com in the form of Takashi Miike’s 1999 classic, Audition (orig. Ôdishon). A charming yet lonely widower, Shigeharu Aoyama (Ryo Ishibashi) has raised his son alone after the untimely passing of […]

The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps – The Cast Who Knew Too Much #3

The Cast rolls on this week and this time they head to Scotland to track down the 39 Steps with one of Hitch’s most seminal British films. Your fearless hosts, Arthur and Dustin, go in-depth to discuss a movie that they both thoroughly enjoyed. The 39 Steps, as we mention, lays the groundwork for many of the […]