The Tragedy of Chyna – The B Show – #2

This episode is not very funny. It’s kind of a bummer. And it doesn’t follow the format of the show. All in all, it’s not an ideal follow-up to a first episode. But this had to be done. This week on the B Show, we’re talking about the untimely death of Joanie Laurer, aka WWE’s Chyna. […]

Midnight Special vs Hardcore Henry

Back to the Movies was so excited about a couple of smaller April releases that we decided to do a head to head face off between two films battling for cult status, Hardcore Henry and Midnight Special.  This week Caleb is joined by The People’s History of Film’s Dalton Stuart to discuss both films before […]

The Red Woman – The Cast Beyond the Wall #24

After nearly a year of waiting, Game of Thrones has returned to kick off season 6 with a nice bit of set up and a couple of surprising twists in The Red Woman. The Cast Beyond the Wall returns with your guide to all of the biggest moments of the episode followed by some fun theorizing […]

Kaleb Bruza – People’s History of Film #8

Hello! Welcome back to The People’s History of Film! This week we have on actor, and Dalton’s good friend, Kaleb Bruza. That’s right. This week. We are now officially a weekly show. Response to the show has been so positive and our guests so generous that you can now look forward to a new interview every […]

About The GoodTrash Genrecast

The GoodTrash Genrecast is our flagship orgin story show that started in Fall 2012 as a college project in the University of Central Oklahoma Film Society.  The concept was simple: apply literary academic style analysis to films that won’t ever make it into a proper film studies course. Since its inception the show covered genre films […]


Django (1966) – GTGC – #173

Saddle up, Dear Listener, this week, our wonderful Patrons have had their voice heard, and Patron Austin Lucari has used his Patreon Reward to force the GTGC gang to watch the 1966 Spaghetti Western, Django. Thank you Austin for your contributions and we hope that you and all of our Dear Listeners enjoy this very special […]

Spaghetti Westerns, How I Learned to Love Movies

Welcome again to another edition of Eye Protein. Ordinarily we talk on a fairly academic level about the most nutritious sections of cinephilia to help you, the dear reader, to expand your palate. This week is a little different. We are talking about Django (1966) and Spaghetti Westerns on the main GoodTrash show this week […]