Daniel Aaron Austin

Daniel Aaron Austin – People’s History #13

Welcome back to the party film historians. This week we have on filmmaker and friend of GoodTrash Media, Daniel Aaron Austin. I’m not exaggerating when I call him a friend by the way. Daniel is an old friend of Caleb Masters who hosts Back to the Movies, and he even made our Patreon promotional video. So, solid […]

GoodTrash Media Takes deadCenter 2016!

Hello listeners! Welcome to GoodTrash Media’s deadCenter 2016 sneak peek preview show! In this special edition of The GoodTrash Genrecast, we’ll be taking a look at the biggest films playing at Oklahoma’s premiere film festival! 2016 marks the sixteenth year for deadCenter and also the first year GoodTrash Media will be attending! Throughout the festival, […]

Modernist AND Classical: Bordwell Was Wrong

Modernist AND Classical: Bordwell was Wrong! Part 1 This is part of a series that will interrogate the notion of a classical Hollywood Style. In this section I am going to drop the gauntlet and take on film studies giant, David Bordwell. However, the broadly generalizing nature of his argument that Hollywood film is overwhelming […]


Looper – GTGC – #178

We’ve got mutants and time travel, Dear Listener, but this isn’t an X-Film, we’re talking Rian Johnson’s Looper.It’s an exciting time at the analysis table as Looper was the source of some conflict in our very early days between Dalton and Dustin. Now that we add Caleb and Arthur into the mix, things get turned […]

Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk Down – GTGC – #22

We have a Black Hawk Down, we have a Black Hawk down! Back in the summer of 2013, Dalton, Arthur, and Dustin had returned from a near five month hiatus. In late May of that year, they relaunched GoodTrash separate from the University of Central Oklahoma and moved production to Norman, Oklahoma. One of the first […]

GoodTrash Media Live! Presents The Fable of Shannon Cable

MARK YOUR CALENDARS LADIES, GENTS, AND CINEPHILES OF THE REALM! Hello listeners! Are you a fan of free movies? Do you like the fun analysis we’re doing here at GoodTrash Media? Have you ever wanted to talk to filmmakers about their very own movie? If any of this sounds like your cup of of tea, GoodTrash Media […]

The Nice Guys – Back to the Movies #32

The buddy cop genre may be long passed its prime, but that doesn’t mean veterans like Shane Black doesn’t have a few more creative aces up his sleeves. Back the Movies revs up for the impending wave of big dumb summer action movies with a breath of fresh air in our review discussion of The […]