The Purge: Election Year – Back to the Movies #37

Happy Fourth of July weekend listeners! To celebrate the sacrifice of movie viewing independence, Arthur and I went Back to the Movies to review Hollywood’s celebration of gun toting violence in America. Is the film intentionally celebrating violence or is there more than meets the eye in The Purge: Election Year? Murder, anarchy, and the […]

The Winds of Winter – The Cast Beyond the Wall #33

Game of Thrones season 6 comes to a close with what has now been confirmed as the final episode 10 of the series with The Winds of Winter. This extra long finale was jam packed with highly anticipated reveals, climactic plot twists, and the set up for what looks to be the series’ final stretch […]

Chris Antista – People’s History of Film #17

Hello listeners old and new and welcome to the People’s History of Film! This week Dalton sits down via Skype to talk to one of the masterminds behind the Laser Time podcast network, Chris Antista. Chris has a background working in the video game industry, but for the last several years has been a full-time […]

Lauren Analla

Lauren Analla – deadCenter 2016 Interview

A couple of weeks back, GoodTrash Media tackled the deadCenter 2016 film festival and closed out our coverage with a roundtable interview with the cast and crew of the Oklahoma Feature award winner Electric Nostalgia. It was a really great chat that brought interesting insight of the culture the producers created on the set. Unfortunately […]

GTGC – #129 – ID4: Independence Day

Happy #FlashbackFriday, Listener. Are you going to celebrate America’s Independence Day tonight by seeing Independence Day: Resurgence? If so, take an hour and get this refresher course on the first ID4: Independence Day by listening to our episode from 2015 about this 1996 blockbuster. Arthur, Dalton, Dustin, and Alexandra discuss their taste (or distaste) for this film. They […]

Trojan Reigns – The B Show – #6.5

So here’s an unusual gift of a bonus episode, and much like its namesake, it comes with no ulterior motives! The WWE’s number one superstar and public enemy #1 Roman Reigns has been suspended! Are you happy with yourselves? Yes? Well hold on a minute, before you activate the WWE’s trap card. What caused the […]

Finding Dory – Back to the Movies #36

We here at GoodTrash Media have a real soft spot for Pixar films. While our first GTM Pixar outing in our The Good Dinosaur review wasn’t exactly a huge success, most films from the studio have delivered some sort of life changing emotional catharsis. This week’s Back to the Movies has Arthur and I reviewing the sequel to […]