Star Trek Into Darkness – GTGC – #73

 Happy Friday listeners! Earlier this week Caleb, Dalton, and Arthur sat down discussing their favorite Star Trek movies in their review of Star Trek Beyond so we’re doing another #FlashbackFriday by taking a trek into the past with our GoodTrash Genrecast episode discussing the somewhat polarizing Star Trek Into Darkness.   This episode of the […]

Star Trek Beyond: Back to the Movies #41

Buckle in listeners because this week’s Back to the Movies review of Star Trek: Beyond is jumping to warp speed. This week my co-host Arthur returns along with Dalton Stuart of The People’s History of Film to talk about our history with the Star Trek Franchise and the merits and detractors of the rebooted J.J. Abrams Trek […]

1001 Arabian Caricatures: Breeding Tolerance Through Pop-Culture

“What we have to do is lift up the contributions of the Muslim-American community not when there’s a problem, but all the time. Our television shows should have some Muslim characters that are unrelated to national security. It’s not that hard to do.” – President Barack Obama upon his first mosque visit as POTUS in […]

Ben Frantz


Hello dear listeners and welcome back to another exciting episode of The People’s History of Film. This week we have on musician and occasional stand-up comic Ben Frantz. Ben and Dalton have performed at comedy shows together more than a few times, but this was the first time they ever sat down for a real conversation. […]

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim – GTGC – #185

As July nears an end, so to must our Blockbuster Marathon. We wrap things up this month with a look at another unsung blockbuster-that-never-was, Pacific Rim. That’s right, the maestro Guillermo Del Toro makes his fourth appearance on the GoodTrash Media Network as we dive into his Jaeger vs Kaiju action flick. The stakes are high […]

Ghostbusters (1984) – GTGC #44

It’s time for yet another #FlashbackFriday to celebrate our latest Back to the Movies review of the Ghostbusters remake by taking a look back at the original.  Long ago, in the wonder years of The GoodTrash Genrecast, the founding members of Dustin, Arthur, and Dalton brought analysis to the original Ghostbusters(1984) with friend of GTM and recurring […]


Ghostbusters – Back to the Movies #40

  This week’s Back to the Movies throws us back to 1980s nostalgia once again as we sit down to review the remake(?), reboot(?), redo(?) of Ghostbusters! Arthur was so excited about this movie that he actually decided to cancel his podcasting career and start busting those ghosts with the Funky Soul Retrievers. Instead, I’m […]

Lady Vanishes

The Lady Vanishes – Cast Who Knew Too Much #7

Good evening, the Cast Who Knew Too Much is back and is nearly through with Hitchcock in Britain. This week, Arthur and Dustin take a look at The Lady Vanishes (1938). The countdown to America continues as Jamaica Inn looms on the horizon. Your fearless hosts return to endlessly praise one of Hitchcock’s early gems. Both hosts […]

Arthur Gordon

Arthur Gordon – People’s History of Film #20

Welcome back film historians! This week we continue our ongoing special series of interviews. Every ten episodes, Dalton sits down with one of the other main staff members of GoodTrash Media. For this installment, Dalton spoke with Arthur Gordon-who along with Dalton and earlier guest Dustin Sells-is one of the three original hosts of our flagship show, The GoodTrash GenreCast. The conversation […]


Watchmen – GTGC – #184

Who watches the Watchmen? We do. That’s right, we go back to 2009 to discuss Zack Snyder’s second comic adaptation, Watchmen. This week, the gang gather’s around the table with OKC Saadboy Heath Huffman who brought this movie to the table for us. Mr. Huffman helped us with a few things and we owed him […]