Halloween – GTGC – #199

Happy Halloween! Your favorite film analysis podcast is back with the Halloween classic, John Carpenter’s Halloween. Alex, Caleb and Dustin gather around the analysis table to wrap up Shocktober 2016 with this holiday classic. You may or may not be surprised by the hosts’ reactions to the film. The review is made up of an interesting […]

Lords of Salem

Lords of Salem – GTGC – #89

As the celebration of spirits and ghouls draws near, we flashback to a modern horror film that got under our skin. This week’s scary movie, keeping with our Shocktober theme, is Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem. Dustin chose this as a host pick to dive into our subconscious and spook us real good. Dustin, Alex and […]

Ashlee Blackwell

Ashlee Blackwell – People’s History of Film #34

Hello listeners! Welcome to an extra spooky Halloween edition of The People’s History of Film. On this episode, Dalton sat down via Skype to talk with media and pop culture writer, Ashlee Blackwell. Ashlee is lover of all film but holds a special place in her heart for horror films. Told you it was a Halloween special. Ashlee’s love […]

American Werewolf

American Werewolf in London – GTGC #198

There is a bad moon rising this week as we take a look at An American Werewolf in London. The Shocktober Train chugs along. We decided to go back to the 80s and look at John Landis’ comedy-horror classic. Besides, this year marks the 35th anniversary of its release. It’s perfect timing. This week, the original […]


Zombieland – GTGC – #93

Grab your guns and grab your pals, and also, check the back seat. This week, we flashback to the time we watched Zombieland. It was a part of our double header Shocktober in 2014. In fact, this was Alex’s host pick for the second part of that marathon, and surprisingly it garnered a pretty “it’s okay” reaction […]

Double Take

Double Take (2009) – Cast Who Knew Too Much #10

The boys return for a new episode of The Cast Who Knew Too Much. As the Cast continues to move beyond Hitch’s work, they take a look at Double Take. Double Take is a 2009 avant-garde documentary from director Johan Grimonprez. Arthur and Dustin brewed their strongest cups of Folger’s coffee and attempt to unpack this fascinating film. There is […]

Anna Dore

Anna Dore – People’s History of Film #33

Hello friends new and old! Welcome to The People’s History of Film! On this episode, Dalton sits down to talk with Oklahoma City-based comedian Anna Dore. In addition to being incredibly funny, Anna is currently organizing a series of comedy shows to increase domestic violence awareness. These shows will take place in October which is National Domestic […]