The Voices – GTGC #222

Dalton and Dustin are back from a brief summer sabbatical to talk The Voices! This week we explore mental illness, popular perceptions thereof and the nuances of medication. During this week’s game, we discuss actors we would like to have talking in our heads. Ryan Reynolds has Dalton and Dustin Hearing Voices According to Wikipedia, The Voices […]

DeadCenter 2017 GTGC #221

DeadCenter 2017! Hey Gang! We did not do a show on The Voices this week because we went to DeadCenter 2017!   According to Wikipedia: The deadCENTER Film Festival was founded in 2001 in Oklahoma City. The festival was named “deadCENTER” because it is located in the exact center of the United States. Although presenting […]


Daybreakers – GTGC #220

We’re starting to get a thing for Sam Neill it would appear. Get ready for Vampires as we discuss Daybreakers! Vampires—Dustin’s favorite subject. That’s right Dalton and Dustin are back in the studio talking about Daybreakers. This little under the radar gem from 2009 tried to inject some traditional vampire rage into the genre that […]