GoodTrash Media was birthed out of one simple idea – to have an intelligent conversation about movies and pop culture. Launching in the fall of 2012, the original GoodTrash GenreCast (GTGC) originated from the University of Central Oklahoma’s film society. Dustin Sells, Arthur Gordon, Dalton Stuart and a carousel of guest hosts comprised of faculty and students began to get the show off the ground. The goal of the show? To apply film, sociological, and literary theory to movies you wouldn’t normally talk about in a film studies course. After five months, the GTGC went on hiatus.

In May of 2013, the show relaunched independent of UCO. Moving production to Norman, Oklahoma the vision for the show began to grow. As the format and chemistry kicked in to high gear, the show began to build momentum and a listenership. Once listenership began to increase, Arthur, Dalton, and Dustin realized that three white dudes probably wasn’t enough to reach all demographics; enter Alexandra Bohannon. With a new guest host came new energy and new ideas. The ideas for spinoff shows, new discussions, and new material quickly multiplied. We wanted to focus on Hitchcock, the film going experience, the classics, and the new releases: it was too much for one podcast.

And so, the idea for a network came about and thanks to the newest full time addition to our family – Caleb Masters – we proudly say, voila and welcome to the GoodTrash Media Network. The hope of the GTMN is to bring you consistent, quality content to further the conversation you and your friends have about the movies and culture that are nearest and dearest to your heart with the idea of having something for everyone. Do you love the Criterion Collection but think modern commercial filmmaking is dumb? Be on the lookout for The Film Syllabus? Is the Master of Suspense the greatest director to ever yell “Action!”? The Cast Who Knew Too Much is what you’re looking for. Do you make it out to the movies every weekend? Then go Back to the Movies with Caleb and Arthur.

We want to inspire you and engage with you and enjoy the cultural touchstone moments with you. We want you to be a part of our family and hope that you’ll let us be a part of yours. Remember, to watch movies and TV shows and have fun but also have a conversation. Move past the shallow end of the pool and really dissect what these movies have to tell us about our society and ourselves. You can read our Manifesto here. Until next time…

GoodTrash Media Staff



Dustin Sells: In the spring of 2015, Dustin entered into a Doctoral program at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK. He holds two Masters degrees, one from Fuller Seminary in California and a second from the University of Central Oklahoma in 20th/21st Century Studies with an Emphasis on Film. Dustin currently professes English in an adjunct capacity.

Dustin is a founding member and host of The GoodTrash GenreCast. Dustin also serves as a co-host for The Film Syllabus and The Cast Who Knew Too Much.

Follow Dustin on Twitter @dustin_sells

You too can witness Dustin’s ventures in avant garde film by following him on Letterboxd @DustinSells


Alexandra Bohannon: The Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice (OCCJ) Regional Coordinator for Oklahoma City. She graduated in May 2016 with her Master’s degree in Public Administration and a concentration in Public Policy. She previously worked as a graduate assistant for the Women’s Leadership Initiative in the Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center. Her hobbies include podcasting, weightlifting, and watching Star Trek.

She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English, minoring in leadership studies, from the University of Central Oklahoma in July of 2013.

Alexandra currently serves as a co-host for The GoodTrash Genrecast and The Film Syllabus

Follow Alexandra on Twitter at @alexvbrohannon

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Arthur Gordon: Arthur graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2013 with a Master of Arts in 20th/21st Century Studies with an Emphasis on Film. Arthur developed a love for film while doing his undergraduate work. Currently, he is an adjunct English professor and multi-tasker.

Arthur is one of the founding members and remains the co-host/producer of the GoodTrash Genrecast. Arthur also serves as a co-host for The Cast Who Knew Too Much and Back to the Movies.

Follow Arthur on Twitter @RndTblReview

You can track Arthur’s latest Letterboxd conquests @Ka_excalibur


Dalton Profile

Dalton Stuart: A social services worker by trade and a pop-culture obsessive by circumstance, Dalton is one of the founders and original co-hosts of The GoodTrash GenreCast. He is also the host/creator of The People’s History of Film.

Sometimes Dalton tells jokes in public. He is generally pleasant and cantankerous. He’s aware this is something of a paradox.

You can follow Dalton on Twitter @Doll_Stew or stay up to date on Dalton’s viewing habits on Letterboxd


Fallout Picture

Caleb Masters: Host/producer for GoodTrash Media, Caleb is an avid pop culture enthusiast who loves media across the realm of movies, TV, and video games. When he’s not clearing the nuclear Boston wasteland or reading up on the thousand year history of Westeros, Caleb dabbles in writing and developing multi-media content for publications across the web. His work can be found on websites such as Screen Rant,  We Got This Covered, and The Oklahoma Gazette.

Caleb currently serves as one of the hosts/producer for Back To The Movies and The Cast Beyond the Wall and a co-host on The GoodTrash Genrecast

Follow Caleb on Twitter @CMastersTalk

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