Bright – A GTGC Bonus Episode!

We fooled you, dear listener! Your favorite film analysis podcast is back with one last surprise to end 2017! When we heard the early response to the Netflix original film, Bright, we thought it would be fun to sit down together and watch it. AND, record our initial thoughts about it! So, we did!


Things Look Bright

As we mention at the beginning of the episode, this is a taste of the bonus content you can expect to find on Patreon in 2018.

We want to do more shows like this where we find something that may be brand new and watch it together and talk about it immediately. The takes are a little hotter and the analysis is a little more raw. We expect this content to be available quarterly for Patrons who pledge $3 or more per month.

We also bring back our Fired Up in Pop Culture segment for this bonus show. This was always a fun segment where we talk about what is happening in pop culture that has us happy, sad or flustered. These segments will become a monthly bonus for Patrons who pledge $10 or more. 

We also have some physical rewards that will be fun.

Becoming a Patron is very simple, and we greatly appreciate it. But, we know it isn’t feasible for everyone. But we would love it if you:

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Back to the Show

In this bonus episode, we look at the Will Smith/Joel Edgerton buddy-Orc-cop blockbuster, Bright. We got together on a cold OKC night and watched the David Ayer-directed action-fantasy, with possibly surprising reactions. And right after we watched the movie, we recorded a show. Typically we give ourselves a few days to reflect, re-watch and research, but this was hot off the presses.

We decide if Bright is worth the time, and then give you some recommendations to pair with it, or watch in its place.

So, grab your magic wands if you can and tune in to this fun show to wrap up 2017!

We’ll see you next month when we start our AntiTrash Marathon!


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