Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse, Jazz Singer

Hello world! I, Arthur Gordon, am back once again to “Cross the Streams” with you, and this week, I wrap up my month long review of 2016 Oscar Contenders with a look at the lauded documentary, Amy – a look at the career of Amy Winehouse – which is available to stream over on Amazon Prime.But, before getting […]

Fifty Shades

Fifty Shades of Cray

Hello everyone, and welcome back to “Crossing the Streams” – the weekly column that travels the ethernet in search of movies that you should check out from the comfort of your couch. I am your guide through the streams, Arthur Gordon, and the Oscar Hype Train keeps rolling with a look at Fifty Shades of Grey which […]

World of Tomorrow

World of Tomorrow, How Whimsical!

Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Crossing the Streams where I go into the ether world to find something available via one of the streaming platforms, and this week I’m going to be taking a look at World of Tomorrow. This month on Crossing the Streams, I’m highlighting different Oscar nominees from the upcoming […]

Miss Simone, what happened?

Hey guys, and welcome back to Crossing the Streams. This month, I’m going to be taking a special look at some of the Oscar Nominees that will hope to be taking home gold on February 28th. A quick aside, if you don’t have Oscar plans then you should  join the GoodTrash Media family as we […]


Uncanny, or why you should watch Ex-Machina

Welcome back to Crossing the Streams. Each week I will be crossing the streaming platforms to find the movies you should check out or stay away from. This week I’m back with a 2015 pick from Netflix which goes by the name Uncanny.  The topic of artificial intelligence and technology has always been of interest, but […]


Phoenix, a tale of rebirth from the ashes

Welcome to the kickoff of “Crossing the Streams” where each week I will bring to you a movie that is available via one of the many streaming services at your disposal, from Netflix to Crackle and Hulu Plus to HBO Go. I’m going to try and take a look at movies that aren’t possibly in […]