Talking Wicked Love with Conor Allyn and Adrian Correia

  Oklahoma may not be the first place that comes to mind when talking about Hollywood productions, but more recently, there’s been a change in the Okie air. There’s been a pretty notable run of Hollywood productions to come through Oklahoma recently including Hellraiser Judgement, the most recent rendition of Children of the Corn, and now a high school […]

To The New Girl

To The New Girl – 10 Monologues For Women

Welcome listeners to a special GoodTrash Genrecast interview with the Executive Producer of To the New Girl, Hunter Drago.  To the New Girl is a project that’s fully written, directed, and produced by women. The team is so passionate about showcasing women working in the entertainment industry, they’ve even built a crew fully staffed by ladies. […]

Heroes of the Realm

GoodTrash Presents: Beyond Heroes of The Realm

Welcome GoodTrashers to this special edition of the GoodTrash Genrecast where we sit down and talk with the filmmakers behind the locally produced 80s retro-short, The Heroes of the Realm before it heads to next week’s 2016 San Diego Comic-Con! Heroes of the Realm is a short film featuring a pizza delivery girl who accidentally […]

Lauren Analla

Lauren Analla – deadCenter 2016 Interview

A couple of weeks back, GoodTrash Media tackled the deadCenter 2016 film festival and closed out our coverage with a roundtable interview with the cast and crew of the Oklahoma Feature award winner Electric Nostalgia. It was a really great chat that brought interesting insight of the culture the producers created on the set. Unfortunately […]

Carol Littleton

Carol Littleton: Oklahoma Native, Living Legend

How do you describe a film editor whose career spans decades? Who has worked with the biggest names in the industry? Interviewing Carol Littleton for GoodTrash Media was a complete honor, and I am thankful for the staff at deadCenter for honoring her service in the film industry by inviting her to the festival. I sat […]

Heartland dcFF16 Interview

The deadCenter 2016 Film Festival has a plethora of options to explore and one subject of interest this year has been LGBTQ representation in Oklahoma. Whether it’s through a documentary like An Act of Love or the satirical comedy of Oh Brother! the subject seems to be heavy on the mind of Oklahoma produced films. One […]

GTGC BONUS! Interview with Crystal Scott

Dustin gets back on the Skype and talks with Crystal Scott about her upcoming project: Girl Clown, a quirky romantic comedy feature film about a shy, lovelorn waitress who becomes a clown. Based on award-winning short. Here’s a quick bio on Crystal: Crystal is an actress and filmmaker who lives in NYC. Described as a […]