Bits of Act 1 of HP and the Cursed Child – Spineless Book Club – #2

Alexandra delivers this delightful little episode all the way from the Lone Star State and the Austin Film Festival. She loves Harry Potter so much that she needs to release all this content into the world! So in this little episode-let, Caleb and Alexandra are going to discuss the larger analytical issues found in Act […]

HP and the Cursed Child, (Part 1 – Act 1) – Spineless Book Club – #1

You didn’t have to wait 19 years for this story–our discussion and analysis of Act 1, Part 1 of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is dropping RIGHT NOW. Warning, listener, this is not for the spoiler-free at heart. If you have not read the first act of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child YOU WILL BE […]

Welcome to the Spineless Book Club (Accio Harry Potter!)

You asked, and we delivered. Thanks to generous sponsors like yourselves at the GoodTrash Media Patreon, you unlocked our brand new venture published on the GoodTrash Media network like Harry Potter and Hermione Granger using alohamora…. After years of using literary and academic analysis on film, we are choosing to make a bold step into the world […]