Daybreakers – GTGC #220

We’re starting to get a thing for Sam Neill it would appear.

Get ready for Vampires as we discuss Daybreakers!

Vampires—Dustin’s favorite subject. That’s right Dalton and Dustin are back in the studio talking about Daybreakers. This little under the radar gem from 2009 tried to inject some traditional vampire rage into the genre that Twilight had taken over. It also features a solid cast of Ethan Hawke, Sam Neill and Willem DaFoe thus giving it the ingredients for a strong project. But, you know our hosts are a bit hard to impress sometimes. Is Daybreakers worth a shot? Tune in to find out.

Weirdly, this makes an excellent pairing with last week’s film, Bulworth. There’s definitely a specter haunting the GTGC studios as we discuss, please join the conversation!


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