Lauren Analla – deadCenter 2016 Interview

Lauren Analla

A couple of weeks back, GoodTrash Media tackled the deadCenter 2016 film festival and closed out our coverage with a roundtable interview with the cast and crew of the Oklahoma Feature award winner Electric Nostalgia. It was a really great chat that brought interesting insight of the culture the producers created on the set. Unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts, one of the film’s stars, Lauren Analla, was unable make it to the festival, but that didn’t stop us from grabbing a word!

Lauren worked on several Oklahoma features including Army of Frankensteins, The Posthuman Project, and Rudderless before moving to Los Angeles where she is currently working on Dark Hours: Roxanna and Ever After amongst other projects.

In this deadCenter follow up conversation, Alex and I talk to Lauren about the casting process and her experience preparing for dual roles in Electric Nostalgia. She talks about developing the character with the film’s writer/director Jacob Burns, some of her on set experiences, and even teases a couple of projects coming down the pipeline. *Spoiler* One of them is a really fascinating historical drama produced by James Franco.

We closed out the discussion by talking about the shift in Oklahoma filmmaking and the thing that set Electric Nostalgia apart from her other filmmaking experiences .

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