Steven Ray Morris — People’s History of Film #43

Hello precious listeners and welcome back to The People’s History of Film. This week Dalton sits down with the the incredible, multitalented Steven Ray Morris. Among his many accomplishments Steven is the author of Molding a Jurassic Universe, co-host of The Purrrcast, and the producer of the podcast sensation My Favorite Murder. Dalton and Steven hit it off pretty well and talk at length about a number of subjects, including Jurassic Park. This is Steven Ray Morris’ history of film. Get into it.

Keep up with Steven Ray Morris

You can check out Steven’s full online portfolio right over here. You can go ahead and purchase his book, Molding a Jurassic Universe, right here. (It’s also available as an audiobook.) While you’re at it, listen to Steven’s podcasting talents on The PurrrcastFinally, see what he offers behind the producer’s booth by checking out My Favorite (@StevenRayMorris) Oh, and if you want to keep up with Steven Ray Morris on Twitter, do it .


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The People’s History of Film – Steven Ray Morris

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