Suicide Squad – Back to the Movies #42

Suicide Squad

After having a few weeks off from summer comic book movie madness, Back to the Movies has returned to the genre to take a look at Warner Bros. follow up to the lackluster Batman v Superman follow up, Suicide Squad. This week, Arthur and I are joined by a team of guest hosts including Dalton Stuart from The People’s History of Film to talk about David Ayer’s first foray into the superhero movie scene.

The GoodTrash team didn’t come to the review empty handed. Our ragtag team of anti-cohosts is completed by a pair of comic book experts. We’re joined by  the mastermind behind the Graphomania Podcast Network and host of Read Brave Comics, Vinton Bayne. To fill out the team we’re joined once again by aspiring comics PhD Kenneth “Dr. Comics” Kimbrough to drop the knowledge and theory on the Suicide Squad. 

The marketing for the film has been on fire and the online buzz has hardly been higher for any movie this summer, but can the team of anti-heroes really turn the DC ship around?

What do you think about Suicide Squad? Chime in to the comments below!

Back to the Movies – Suicide Squad with Vinton Bayne from Graphomania

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