What Happened to Monday

Discover What Happened to Monday – GTGC #242

Hello, as your favorite film analysis podcast keeps streaming through Netflix November, we take a look at the dystopian sci-fi picture, What Happened to Monday. What Happened to Monday? As Netflix November rolls forward, we decide to get into some more action with the dystopian sci-fi action thriller What Happened to Monday? It’s something of a whoddunit, […]

Gerald's Game

Playing Gerald’s Game – GTGC #240

Welcome back to your favorite film analysis podcast! On this week’s GenreCast, we thought we’d get a little freaky with Gerald’s Game. We’re Bound to Play Gerald’s Game We have officially moved out of Shocktober. But, we keep things a bit spooky with an adaptation of Stephen King’s work as we move into our new marathon, […]


Hush – Shocktober 6 – GTGC #239

The Shocktober train pulls into the station as your favorite film analysis podcast wraps up the annual horror marathon with Hush. A Hush Fell Over the Room As we ended one marathon, we wanted to transition softly into our next marathon. We will be screening Netflix Originals throughout November.  So, we opted for the Netflix-distributed Hush from […]


Raw (Grave; 2016) – Shocktober 6 – GTGC #238

Welcome back to your favorite film analysis podcast, the GenreCast from GoodTrash Media. This week, our Shocktober marathon of one-word titled films continues with a look at the French/Belgium production, Raw.  It Gets Raw Every Shocktober sees at least one artsy horror film rear its head. When the time came, we decided to tackle this foreign production […]


Saw – Shocktober 6 – GTGC #237

Your favorite film analysis podcast continues the 6th annual Shocktober marathon with James Wan’s breakout hit, Saw.  We Play a Game with Saw In 2004, James Wan hit with a bang. The director worked with Leigh Whannell to put together one of the most important horror movies of the 2000s. With Saw as a diving board, James Wan […]

The Craft

The Craft – Shocktober 6 – GTGC #236

The season of the witch is upon us as Shocktober 6 gets underway. Your favorite film analysis podcast starts Shocktober off right with The Craft. The Craft Puts a Spell on Us It is our favorite time of year, dear listener. The leaves are turning and the potions are a brewing. Black cats are crossing our […]


Fallen (1998) #ABWD – GTGC #235

The sun sets on #ABWD as we discuss Denzel’s supernatural thriller Fallen (1998). And though our time with Denzel draws to an end, we use this opportunity to kickstart Shocktober! We’ve Fallen and We Can’t Get Up On this week’s episode of the GenreCast from GoodTrash Media, your film analysis friends discuss Fallen. Fallen quietly crosses genres, moving from procedural […]

American Gangster

American Gangster #ABWD – GTGC #233

Hello and welcome back to your favorite film analysis podcast as we continue our Denzel Watch-a-thon with the 2008 gangster biopic, American Gangster. First You Get the Money, then the Power, then you watch American Gangster On this week’s show, the gang gather around to talk about Ridley Scott’s Godfather-esque gangster drama. Based on a true story, American […]

Training Day

Training Day #ABWD – GTGC #232

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is a moment nearly 5 years in the making. After countless jokes and memes, Dustin and Dalton finally sit down to talk about Training Day on your favorite film analysis podcast. King Kong has nothing on Training Day That’s right, as #ABWD continues it has seemingly all lead to this. Training Day is important as […]

He Got Game

He Got Game #ABWD – GTGC #231

Welcome to another edition of your favorite film analysis podcast, the GenreCast from GoodTrash Media. We continue #ABWD with Denzel’s third collaboration with director Spike Lee, He Got Game.  We find out that Denzel, well, He Got Game It is important to note that collaboration is important to Denzel’s career. 18 movies in Denzel’s filmography come […]