What Happened to Monday

Discover What Happened to Monday – GTGC #242

Hello, as your favorite film analysis podcast keeps streaming through Netflix November, we take a look at the dystopian sci-fi picture, What Happened to Monday. What Happened to Monday? As Netflix November rolls forward, we decide to get into some more action with the dystopian sci-fi action thriller What Happened to Monday? It’s something of a whoddunit, […]


Wheelman: Not the Same as Wingman – GTGC #241

Hurry up! Your favorite film analysis podcast is in deep with the wrong people. We need someone to listen to our analysis of Wheelman! Shut Up and Drive, Wheelman Netflix November enters its second week fast and furious. Not that fast, or that furious, but it’s high octane nonetheless as we look at the Frank Grillo […]

Gerald's Game

Playing Gerald’s Game – GTGC #240

Welcome back to your favorite film analysis podcast! On this week’s GenreCast, we thought we’d get a little freaky with Gerald’s Game. We’re Bound to Play Gerald’s Game We have officially moved out of Shocktober. But, we keep things a bit spooky with an adaptation of Stephen King’s work as we move into our new marathon, […]

The Killer – GTGC #215

GTGC TAKES ON JOHN WOO’S THE KILLER. Dalton and Dustin head to Hong Kong to break open this action movie classic.   Warning: Action Movie Fan-boying Ahead! We have a great time talking about this early John Woo film in which we see the first John Woo’s famous doves. Before we get to the analysis […]

Tallulah – Back to the Movies #48

This week’s Back to the Movies is taking us away from the big screen and back to our TV screens for the latest edition of “Back to the Couches” in our review of the Netflix original film, Tallulah. The film stars Ellen Paige as a woman searching for a home who, through unlikely circumstances, kidnaps […]

Spring Breakers – GTGC – #117

    It’s #FlashbackFriday, y’all, and this week we’re celebrating Spring Break forevurrrrr through Harmony Korine’s unsung masterpiece Spring Breakers.  This week, from the vault of GoodTrash, the GoodTrash Gang examines this film through concepts of the american dream, colonialism, fetishisation, feminism, racism, Spring Break culture and church camp… Yeah, that’s right, church camp as they look at Spring […]

Treasure Planet – GTGC – #33

  Another dose of #FlashbackFriday for you, this time animation themed. Before we started our Patron Brigham Cole sponsored movie marathon (Brig-athon, if you will), we only covered two animated films. Treasure Planet, from the early days of the GoodTrash Vault was one of these two. A film that marked the second end of a golden […]


The GoodTrash Media Guide to The Oscars 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, the epic conclusion to awards season is upon us! It’s that lovely time of year when your hosts at the GoodTrash Media Network along with the Academy of Film Arts and Sciences celebrate our achievements with a party full of self indulgent love! In attempt to keep up with the 88th Academy Awards, and to shamelessly […]

Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan – GTGC – #68

It’s #FlashbackFriday, listener, so we’re re-posting an old episode from the GoodTrash vault in celebration of Bryan Fuller, of NBC’s Hannibal fame, announced as the new showrunner for the CBS Star Trek reboot. We’re glad that you’re joining us to explore space as the final frontier during this classic episode of the GoodTrash GenreCast From this week in early […]

World of Tomorrow

World of Tomorrow, How Whimsical!

Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Crossing the Streams where I go into the ether world to find something available via one of the streaming platforms, and this week I’m going to be taking a look at World of Tomorrow. This month on Crossing the Streams, I’m highlighting different Oscar nominees from the upcoming […]