Jimmy O

Jimmy O – People’s History of Film #26

Salutations nerds and film historians! Welcome back to the People’s History of Film. For this episode, Dalton sat down via the internet to talk with James Oster, aka Jimmy O, from JoBlo and Arrow to the Head. James is an extremely prolific film critic and interviewer. Recently though, he has teamed up with friend of GoodTrash Media […]


Transformers – GTGC – #190

Its more than meets the eye this week Dear Listener, as the Randomizer AB1700 decided to cruelly inflict us with Michael Bay’s Transformers. After nearly four years and finally leaving it to chance, it happened. Much to our chagrin. Except Caleb, he tries to defend it—it’s a valiant effort. That’s right, the movie that we’ve […]

Fast Five

Fast Five – GTGC – #189

Welcome back dear listener! This week on the podcast, we get fast and we get furious as we take a look at Justin Lin’s Fast Five. It is mostly received with great joy, but Dustin has no heart. This episode has a bunch of absurd dialogue and some crazy set pieces, just like the movie. […]

Jamaica Inn

Jamaica Inn – The Cast Who Knew Too Much – #8

The Cast Who Knew Too Much is back to tackle the film that is often regarded as Hitchcock’s worst, Jamaica Inn. The hosts have been going extremely hesitant to visit Jamaica Inn, but the results of their findings may shock you. Arthur and Dustin have a blast talking about a film that is considered lesser Hitch. But, there are still […]

Bewitched (2005) – GTGC – #189

We hope your noses are twitching, because we’re back with Alexandra Bohannon’s host pick, the 2005 rom-com, Bewitched. A divided table sounds off to tackle this trip down  nostalgia lane. Trust us, it is a divided table. We try to get the game started as we talk classic TV shows that should be made into movies. […]

Brian Gililland

Brian Gililland – PEOPLE’S HISTORY OF FILM #22

Welcome back to the party film historians! This week we have on professional sound engineer and the host of the Okie Show Show podcast, Brian Gililland. In addition, he has worked on a number of short and feature films. Brian’s podcast is focused on navigating the film and entertainment industry here in Oklahoma and it shows, because […]


Her – GTGC – #186

Welcome back dear listeners! We are your new cure for everything you need. We are now “They”. You can thank Patreon Supporter Daniel Austin for choosing Spike Jonze’s 2013 sci-fi drama, Her. Because of his continued financial support of GoodTrash Media, Daniel was able to select a movie for us to do on the network. […]

Lady Vanishes

The Lady Vanishes – Cast Who Knew Too Much #7

Good evening, the Cast Who Knew Too Much is back and is nearly through with Hitchcock in Britain. This week, Arthur and Dustin take a look at The Lady Vanishes (1938). The countdown to America continues as Jamaica Inn looms on the horizon. Your fearless hosts return to endlessly praise one of Hitchcock’s early gems. Both hosts […]

Arthur Gordon

Arthur Gordon – People’s History of Film #20

Welcome back film historians! This week we continue our ongoing special series of interviews. Every ten episodes, Dalton sits down with one of the other main staff members of GoodTrash Media. For this installment, Dalton spoke with Arthur Gordon-who along with Dalton and earlier guest Dustin Sells-is one of the three original hosts of our flagship show, The GoodTrash GenreCast. The conversation […]

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast (1946) – The Film Syllabus #7

Welcome Beauty and the Beast fans! Even though it’s summer time, class is still in session at the GoodTrash Media Network. The Film Syllabus is back with a special Patreon bonus from our Patron Julie Bohannon. Dustin and Alexandra is in the studio as usual this month and we have the pleasure of a guest […]