Zodiac – Flashback Friday – GTGC – #41

Obsession, Dear Listener, is a dangerous game. Obsession in life, obsession in love—it can push you over the edge, no matter which side of the line you’re on. This week, we flash back to David Fincher’s Zodiac. A thesis on obsession.

No One Knows the Zodiac.

Zodiac In this trip to the vault, your favorite movie analysis podcast sits down to discuss Dalton’s Host Pick during our 2nd Shocktober marathon—or, Shocktober 2: Shocktober Lives. As a reminder, the earlier shows followed a bit of a different format. Things get started with quick reviews from Arthur, Dalton and Dustin.

We then get down to business. Arthur kicks things off by discussing the film’s commentary on “True Life” movies. He analyzes their presentation of what is true and what isn’t. He then looks at Hollywood’s overblown portrayal of these types of narratives. Dalton keys in on the presentation of the media within Zodiac and the importance of media and its role in society. He also talks about how people deal with the breach of the social contract presented by the media.

Dustin shifts gears and talks about great films and what great films do to reach that echelon. He doesn’t think that Zodiac hits that, but it gets close. He talks about how great movies try to defy generic conventions and how Zodiac does many of those things as well. He then moves into discussing the horror elements of the movie that are in play.

After all the analysis, we decide to play a game. The game of the week wis a discussion of our favorite films based on real life horrors. Finally, after all of that nonsense, we talk about what has us fired up in pop culture.

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