Zodiac – Flashback Friday – GTGC – #41

Obsession, Dear Listener, is a dangerous game. Obsession in life, obsession in love—it can push you over the edge, no matter which side of the line you’re on. This week, we flash back to David Fincher’s Zodiac. A thesis on obsession. No One Knows the Zodiac. In this trip to the vault, your favorite movie analysis podcast […]

The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid (1984) – GTGC #216

GTGC Uses the Crane Technique on The Karate Kid Dalton and Dustin are back at it again this time we take on The Karate Kid. That’s right it’s two weeks in a row that we get to talk about martial arts and a whole lot more. Dustin likes this movie (mostly due to nostalgia) a […]

The Killer – GTGC #215

GTGC TAKES ON JOHN WOO’S THE KILLER. Dalton and Dustin head to Hong Kong to break open this action movie classic.   Warning: Action Movie Fan-boying Ahead! We have a great time talking about this early John Woo film in which we see the first John Woo’s famous doves. Before we get to the analysis […]