Star Wars

Star Wars – May the 4th Be With You – GTGC #150

We make it to a galaxy far, far away as we discuss the first (fourth?) chapter in the space opera that is Star Wars.  George Lucas’s Star Wars. We look specifically at Episode 4—A New Hope. The discussion gets heated as we discuss the movie on its own merits and try to remove the culture and nostalgia goggles […]


Zodiac – Flashback Friday – GTGC – #41

Obsession, Dear Listener, is a dangerous game. Obsession in life, obsession in love—it can push you over the edge, no matter which side of the line you’re on. This week, we flash back to David Fincher’s Zodiac. A thesis on obsession. No One Knows the Zodiac. In this trip to the vault, your favorite movie analysis podcast […]


Scream Movie Analysis – GTGC – #143

20 years ago Wes Craven’s horror classic Scream hit theaters. The phrase “game changer” gets thrown around a lot, especially in regards to film. But, it is truly an apt description for the late horror maestro’s meta-slasher. Scream reignited the slasher genre which had begun to peter out by the late 80s and early 90s. It breathed […]

Star Trek Into Darkness – GTGC – #73

 Happy Friday listeners! Earlier this week Caleb, Dalton, and Arthur sat down discussing their favorite Star Trek movies in their review of Star Trek Beyond so we’re doing another #FlashbackFriday by taking a trek into the past with our GoodTrash Genrecast episode discussing the somewhat polarizing Star Trek Into Darkness.   This episode of the […]

BttM # 11: Star Wars The Review Awakens

We wish you a very merry Back to the Movies Christmas by talking about Disney’s most anticipated gift of all time. That’s right, we’re jumping to hyperdrive to review Star Wars : The Force Awakens. In this special edition of Back to the Movies, we’ll be jumping straight into spoilers from the very get go. Don’t want to know […]

BttM #10 : Sisters OR Not the Review You’re Looking For

Star Wars is upon us and there shall be a glorious bonus episode dedicated to The Force Awakens, but first we’ve got to talk about THAT other movie hitting theaters this weekend, Sisters. Sisters follows the latest pairing of SNL alum superstars Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as they fight to recapture the nostalgia of living in their […]

GTGC #154 – The Departed and Infernal Affairs

You Don’t Know Jack Part Deux is back, act accordingly. The marathon continues this week with Arthur’s host pick as we take on Martin Scorsese’s The Departed and the original material it was based on Infernal Affairs. We go with a round table format to talk Boston and Hong Kong on screen, adaptation, form and […]