Shake Up The Canon! Post-Trump Films

I continue getting political with my scholarship this week as I discuss and destroy The Canon.   What is “The Canon”? The term is derived from Greek which creates the word-image of a rule as in both a law and a ruler (you know, the stick by which we measure stuff). Applied to film and literature, it is […]


December 1941 in Casablanca: Post-Trump Films

Disclaimer: this is a highly political post. Eye Protein has always been politically committed and is more explicitly politically engaged than other areas of the site. “It’s December 1941 in Casablanca right now, what time is it in New York?” The world is changing, I can feel it in the air… No, I am not […]

Heartland and The Female Voice

One of the major highlights of my time covering the deadCenter Film Festival this year was seeing Heartland and talking with the creative team including screenwriter/actress Velinda Godfrey and director, Maura Anderson.  Just seeing the trailer and having this interview got me very excited to see the film and it did not disappoint! Watch out dear reader, this is […]

Modernist AND Classical: Bordwell Was Wrong

Modernist AND Classical: Bordwell was Wrong! Part 1 This is part of a series that will interrogate the notion of a classical Hollywood Style. In this section I am going to drop the gauntlet and take on film studies giant, David Bordwell. However, the broadly generalizing nature of his argument that Hollywood film is overwhelming […]

52 Films By Women Mid-Year Report

Last January I took the 52 Films By Women Pledge brought to you by the nice folks at Women in Film. At week 19 I am a little bit ahead, thanks in large part to short subject offerings from the wave of experimental feminist filmmakers in the 1960s. Unfortunately, my Letterboxd only has me at […]


Technicolor Gothic: The Italian Giallo Films

This week’s Eye Protein comes drenched in pasta sauce as we stay in Italy and talk about another major genre from the boot-shaped peninsula, the Giallo Film. The name literally means yellow film. This is because the detective and thriller novels upon which many of these films were based were sold in cheap paperback formats […]

Spaghetti Westerns, How I Learned to Love Movies

Welcome again to another edition of Eye Protein. Ordinarily we talk on a fairly academic level about the most nutritious sections of cinephilia to help you, the dear reader, to expand your palate. This week is a little different. We are talking about Django (1966) and Spaghetti Westerns on the main GoodTrash show this week […]

French Science Fiction

International Genre Spotlight: French Sci-Fi

Welcome back to my kitchen for your next serving of Eye Protein! Next week we will be dropping a GoodTrash GenreCast show on 12 Monkeys. As you may know, Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys is based on the 1963 short film, La Jetée, directed by Chris Marker. It has been our habit here at Eye Protein to […]

Batman v. Film Criticism: Dawn of Analysis

Ok, there have been a lot of reviews and podcasts (some even from our very own site, here, here, and here) about how bad Batman v Superman is and that no one should bother watching it. In the wake of the financial success of that disaster of a film there have been other equally disastrous predictions […]


Batman’s Cinematic Origin Story

With the upcoming ridiculously titled Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice blockbuster opening this weekend, I though it’d be fitting to get some protein and veggies into this weekend’s otherwise diet of nothing by Kit-Kats and popcorn. As the the cinematic comic book universes have become more and more obsessed with origin stories, I thought […]