Thor Ragnarok

Movie Review: Thor Ragnarok (2017)

Thor Ragnarok is the third entry in the Asgardian hero’s tale through the MCU. It runs for 130 minutes, and is rated PG-13. Chris Hemsworth reprises his role as the God of Thunder, who returns to Asgard. Upon his return, he reunites with Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and discovers that the prophetic Ragnarok, or apocalypse, is […]

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Celebration — Finding the GoodTrash

Mother’s Day is near! And as you prepare to line the pockets of Hallmark with more green, we at GoodTrash wanted to take a look at some of the best movies to watch with Mom on this Mother’s Day. A Mother’s Day Movie Marathon Now, much like with Father’s Day, we know that there are those […]


Shake Up The Canon! Post-Trump Films

I continue getting political with my scholarship this week as I discuss and destroy The Canon.   What is “The Canon”? The term is derived from Greek which creates the word-image of a rule as in both a law and a ruler (you know, the stick by which we measure stuff). Applied to film and literature, it is […]


December 1941 in Casablanca: Post-Trump Films

Disclaimer: this is a highly political post. Eye Protein has always been politically committed and is more explicitly politically engaged than other areas of the site. “It’s December 1941 in Casablanca right now, what time is it in New York?” The world is changing, I can feel it in the air… No, I am not […]

Blair Witch

Blair Witch Review

Hello listeners, GoodTrashers, and readers from around the internet. This is normally where I’d be teasing our weekly Back to the Movies podcast, but due to the unforeseen sorcery I will be doing a quick review to give you my thoughts on the Adam Wingard’s Blair Witch. Firstly, I wanted to say thanks and apologies […]

1001 Arabian Caricatures: Breeding Tolerance Through Pop-Culture

“What we have to do is lift up the contributions of the Muslim-American community not when there’s a problem, but all the time. Our television shows should have some Muslim characters that are unrelated to national security. It’s not that hard to do.” – President Barack Obama upon his first mosque visit as POTUS in […]

Bodies and Envy in Refn’s The Neon Demon

WARNING: This article discusses the film’s sexual violence. Listen to Kenneth talk about his piece and further analysis in our Back to the Movies review Ever since 2011’s Drive, Nicolas Winding Refn has seen a rise in popularity as a brand in his own right. Part of this stems from his 80s neon color palette […]

Toxic Masculinity

Game of Bros: Toxic Masculinity in Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is almost done with its sixth season and all of my friends watch it and love it, and I don’t.They’ll try to get me to watch it, and I have to tell them, no, I’ve seen it, I hate it. And they’re so confused, because I’m a huge nerd who loves huge […]

Father's Day

Father’s Day: A GoodTrash Time with Pops

Welcome back to Finding the GoodTrash! And what better time to find some GoodTrash than Father’s Day. I’m going to highlight five movies that are perfect to watch with your dad on Father’s Day. Now, this comes from a guy who can no longer sit down with his dad on Father’s Day. And as I think […]

Subversion in the Original Slasher: Friday the 13th

Ah, summer camp… Truly there is nothing like the scent of marshmallows roasting over an open campfire, swimming in the lake by day and stumbling through the woods by night, tripping and running away from an unknown machete-wielding psycho. Oh, you didn’t go to Camp Crystal Lake? How very fortunate for you. Most of us […]