Black Christmas

Cruel Tide Beatings from Pi Kappa Sigma: Black Christmas

The next time you find yourself cornered at a college party by some white male twenty-something waxing poetic about how you’re so much cooler than his ex-girlfriend who didn’t think Die Hard was a Christmas movie, feel free to launch into a monologue about turtle sex. (Note to my editor: this is relevant, I promise). […]

Subversion in the Original Slasher: Friday the 13th

Ah, summer camp… Truly there is nothing like the scent of marshmallows roasting over an open campfire, swimming in the lake by day and stumbling through the woods by night, tripping and running away from an unknown machete-wielding psycho. Oh, you didn’t go to Camp Crystal Lake? How very fortunate for you. Most of us […]

The Exorcist

The Exorcist: Puberty is Hell

  Hello, fair readers, and welcome back to another stirring edition of The Frightful Femme. Having awoken from my deep, months-long slumber (a.k.a. my “hiatus”) I wanted to delve into familiar yet directly unexplored territory by watching and analyzing films widely regarded as classics that I, embarrassingly enough, had never gotten around to watching. For […]

Cannibalistic Gender Dynamics: All Cheerleaders Die

Here comes the trigger warning, kids. *Both today’s column and this film contain rape. Cheerleading is one of the most demanding and deadly sports in the world. Unless, that is, your newest teammate’s ex-girlfriend is a crystal-wielding super-witch capable of bringing your squad back from the dead with the tiny catch that you’ve gotta feed […]

The Moth Diaries of a Mad White Teenager

Literary analysts say that every great romantic vampire story revolves around three things: blood, sex, and thinly veiled Sapphic homoeroticism. Wait, no… that’s not right. Blood, sex and an attempt at passing off Scott Speedman as a viable non-creepy romantic interest for a possibly mentally ill 16 year old. Crap, that’s not right either. Maybe […]

Pulse: How I Learned to Stop and Love the Internet

If Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s 2001 critically acclaimed cult classic Pulse (known in Japan as Kairo) is on your watchlist, maybe cue up something a bit more lighthearted as a palate cleanse for the post-show unwinding. Consider making some plans with friends. Or, shit, when was the last time you called your mom? Pulse’s horror lies not […]

Audition: How to Make a Feminist Rom-Com

This week, we here at the Frightful Femme decided to take a well-deserved break from horror and delve into a quietly delightful little Japanese rom-com in the form of Takashi Miike’s 1999 classic, Audition (orig. Ôdishon). A charming yet lonely widower, Shigeharu Aoyama (Ryo Ishibashi) has raised his son alone after the untimely passing of […]