The Noble Houses of Wrestling, Pt 2 – The B Show – # 7

Game of Thrones season has subsided once again, leaving many people in a pit of misery and despair — bereft of the drama, magic, nudity, and explosion noises with which Game of Thrones sustains us for ten weeks a year. And here I am, preying on that need like a vulture. As there’s only so much Game of […]

Trojan Reigns – The B Show – #6.5

So here’s an unusual gift of a bonus episode, and much like its namesake, it comes with no ulterior motives! The WWE’s number one superstar and public enemy #1 Roman Reigns has been suspended! Are you happy with yourselves? Yes? Well hold on a minute, before you activate the WWE’s trap card. What caused the […]

Regional Wrasslin’ History – The B Show – #6

This week on the B Show, we’re answering a newbie wrestling fan question — “What’s the difference between wrestling companies?” — while going on a wild tangent about the Monday Night Wars because Matt Lane is not at all a rambling old grandpa off his meds. Later in the show we’re recapping the live experience of […]


The Rough Draft – The B Show – #5

Smackdown’s Road to Recovery and Relevance   Another current event episode. Boo! But it’s live now, so it’s harder to mute booing crowds! Yay! Smackdown is transitioning from taped to live TV, and upon that pale horse sits the second coming of the brand split. What does that mean for your favorite wrestlers? Are they […]

The Fall of the WWE Silent Badass – The B Show – #4

When there is no more room in Hell, wrestling podcasts shall walk the earth. Hey, we’re back! And we’re on a new biweekly schedule. That’s the biweekly that means every other week, not the one that means twice a week. This week’s B Show deals with storytelling through movement, and the WWE’s current problems with […]


Hart – The Noble Houses of Wrestling, Pt 1 – The B Show – #3

It’s that time of year again. That time where every Monday morning, your coworkers won’t shut up about Game of Thrones spoilers. So I guess today I’ll be that coworker. We’re starting a nonconsecutive B Show miniseries where we analyze a real life pro wrestling legacy and compare them to their most-likely noble house counterpart […]


The Tragedy of Chyna – The B Show – #2

This episode is not very funny. It’s kind of a bummer. And it doesn’t follow the format of the show. All in all, it’s not an ideal follow-up to a first episode. But this had to be done. This week on the B Show, we’re talking about the untimely death of Joanie Laurer, aka WWE’s Chyna. […]