Hitchcock's Films Revisited

Hitchcock’s Films Revisited – TCWKTM – #11

The Cast Who Knew Too Much returns to finish out 2016. On this week’s show, Arthur and Dustin get in-depth on Hitchcock studies by talking Robin Wood’s seminal text, Hitchcock’s Films Revisited. They give a brief overview of the book’s premise and primarily focus on the introductory and retrospective chapters of the book. They examine Robin Woods’ […]

Double Take

Double Take (2009) – Cast Who Knew Too Much #10

The boys return for a new episode of The Cast Who Knew Too Much. As the Cast continues to move beyond Hitch’s work, they take a look at Double Take. Double Take is a 2009 avant-garde documentary from director Johan Grimonprez. Arthur and Dustin brewed their strongest cups of Folger’s coffee and attempt to unpack this fascinating film. There is […]

night train

Night Train to Munich – Cast Who Knew Too Much #9

Good Evening, or whatever time of day it is for you, we’re back with another installment of The Cast Who Knew Too Much. This month, we’re taking a look at Carol Reed’s Night Train to Munich. You’re probably yelling at your computer right now, demanding that you want a refund. And we want you to relax. This […]

Jamaica Inn

Jamaica Inn – The Cast Who Knew Too Much – #8

The Cast Who Knew Too Much is back to tackle the film that is often regarded as Hitchcock’s worst, Jamaica Inn. The hosts have been going extremely hesitant to visit Jamaica Inn, but the results of their findings may shock you. Arthur and Dustin have a blast talking about a film that is considered lesser Hitch. But, there are still […]

Lady Vanishes

The Lady Vanishes – Cast Who Knew Too Much #7

Good evening, the Cast Who Knew Too Much is back and is nearly through with Hitchcock in Britain. This week, Arthur and Dustin take a look at The Lady Vanishes (1938). The countdown to America continues as Jamaica Inn looms on the horizon. Your fearless hosts return to endlessly praise one of Hitchcock’s early gems. Both hosts […]

Young and Innocent

Young and Innocent – Cast Who Knew Too Much #6

The Hitchcock cast is back! This week, Arthur and Dustin return to talk about one of Hitch’s last films in Britain, Young and Innocent (1937) or as it was released in America, The Girl was Young. Young and Innocent leaves us with only two more films in Britain before Hitchcock goes to America. The hosts were both pleasantly pleased […]


Sabotage – The Cast Who Knew Too Much #5

Your favorite Hitchcock fanboys are back, and this month they tackle Hitch’s second film from 1936 – Sabotage. Arthur and Dustin start off a bit giggly this week as they discuss the confusing film titles in Hitchcock’s filmography. Dustin delves into the material properly by bringing up the film’s meta-narrative – another recurring Hitchcock trope. Dustin discusses how […]