Stormborn – The Cast Beyond the Wall #37


Welcome back milords and ladies to The Cast Beyond the Wall! We return with another podcast dedicated to reviewing, analysising and debating of each episode of HBO’s hit show, Game of Thrones. On this week’s Cast; Caleb, Austin and Daniel break down season 7, episode 2, Stormborn.

This week’s episode of Game of Thrones, your hosts start by reevaluating Daenerys’s allies and position before rethinking Jorah Mormont’s fate after his visit from Samwell. In a shocking turn of events, Austin’s dream of a Greyjoy dominated episode was finally fulfilled in the Stormborn‘s closing climax.

The gang also go over the most up to date fantasy results in which Austin Lucari’s We Do No Sow became the runaway lead thanks to Euron Greyjoy’s raid on the Dornish ships.

See the full results below!


Rank Team Points
1. We Do Not Sow Austin Lucari 240
2. Lannister Memorial Fund 180
3. Hodor’s Hodor 175
4. #MakeWesterosGreatAgain 170
5. A Team has no name Daniel Stull 95
6. The Dum Dum Stark Killers Caleb Masters 65
7. Dragonglass Union 20
8. Cersei’s Grenades -10

Track the results of the season long fantasy league on Fantasizer!

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