Mitch Leasure

Mitch Leasure – People’s History of Film #15

Welcome back listeners! This week we sit down to talk with Mitch Leasure who works as the warehouse manager for the Oklahoma City based NGP Video Production Services and Equipment Rental. So, if you’re about to start working on a film and need the right tools, head over to the NGP website and see what they’ve got. […]

Carol Littleton

Carol Littleton: Oklahoma Native, Living Legend

How do you describe a film editor whose career spans decades? Who has worked with the biggest names in the industry? Interviewing Carol Littleton for GoodTrash Media was a complete honor, and I am thankful for the staff at deadCenter for honoring her service in the film industry by inviting her to the festival. I sat […]

GoodTrash Live! The Fable of Shannon Cable

Hello Dear Listener, and welcome! This bonus episode is the audio from our recent GoodTrash LIVE! show (6/3/2016) in which we discuss Planet Thunder Productions‘ The Fable of Shannon Cable that we hosted at the Parish in the Plaza District of Oklahoma City. If you made it out, thank you so much! We hope to continue hosting GoodTrash […]

Alex Sanchez

Alex Sanchez – People’s History of Film #4

On an especially giggly episode of People’s History, Dalton sits down with one of his very favorite stand-up comedians from the Oklahoma City comedy scene – Alex Sanchez. He’s an extremely funny dude and an all around sweetheart, but you don’t have to take my word for it; check out a great set of his here. Alex is the […]